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What are the best ways to discipline your child?

by | Jan 3, 2019 | Education

What are the best ways to discipline your child?

I’m sure we’ve all gotten mad about our child climbing on tables or hitting their sibling in the past, but how do we actually deal with these problems?  Parenting.com gives great examples of how to go about each behavior. For example, when a child draws on their hand, it is better to say “painting is for the paper only” rather than “no.” If your child hears the word “no” to almost everything they do, they will start to tune you out. However, saying “no” sternly when your child hits is a better approach because that is bad behavior.

Follow Through with Consequences

When the problems do begin to get larger, it is better to stay consistent and keep with the consequences. Consequences are a bit tricky, but if you continue to teach them and follow through when a rule is broken, the child will learn overtime. In addition to consequences, it is not good to have too many. Children are young and still learning cause and effect, right from wrong and will not do everything perfectly. Keep the basic rules, but do not go overboard on every little thing that can go wrong.

Stay positive!

Positive reinforcement is great for children. We want to model good behavior. For example, yelling at your child every time an something happens is not showing model behavior. As the child grows up, they may believe yelling is the solution when something goes wrong. It is OK to be upset if your child breaks something or doesn’t listen, but take a deep breath and go about the right approach. Calm words and actions will show the model behavior you want out of your child.

Along with staying positive, point out good behavior. Children like to know when they are doing a good job. Giving praise over sharing or cleaning the playroom are great ways to give that positive reinforcement. If we only focus on the negatives, the child will as well.

What if positive reinforcement isn’t working?

Maybe your child is being extra stubborn today and ignores your calm attitude towards discipline. Try a different route and give something for your child to do. They could just be bored and need to be occupied for a little while. Each child is uniquely different, not everyone will listen to everything you ask of them. Find the right methods that work for you and your child, but stay positive. Negativity will disencourage your child.


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