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Traveling Abroad with Toddlers

by | Jan 20, 2019 | Education

Traveling Abroad with Toddlers

The Benefits of Traveling Young

Most parents look at taking their infants and toddlers on vacation as a “waste.” Parents believe they will only remember the vacation through memories, but wouldn’t that be the same as sliding down playground slides or taking them on playdates? While on vacation, children get the chance to experience new culture and immerse to different languages. While parents are recommended to follow a routine, new experiences encourage noticing differences and new things through the child’s own curiosity. When infants and toddlers travel, it triggers their imagination. They are experiencing things they don’t experience on a regular day to day basis.

The majority of parents confirmed that they have seen enhanced developmental milestones by taking their children on travels. One parent noticed her son has enjoyed boat rides ever since their cruise in Istanbul, where the boat brought a “sensation of swaying in water.” Traveling allows children to become more adaptable to changing situations. When they are out of their normal routine, it allows them to learn how to live in different environments.

Global Children School agrees on the idea of traveling with toddlers and young children. We have created a remarkable program called Global Travel Camp that are set up globally to give families a chance to have a vacation where kids have concentrated activities, while parents have a chance to enjoy their vacation. Each camp focuses on different areas, for example nature, sports, music, and language immersion programs. Most importantly, on these trips you get to learn cultural traditions. Traveling to different countries allows toddlers to understand language in a different way than learning language at school. 7 Children learn to communicate and understand the importance of communication. This will encourage children to become multilingual, which is something to take advantage of at such a young age.

Dr. Margot Sunderland, child psychotherapist explains, “an enriched environment offers new experiences that are strong in combined social, physical, cognitive, and sensory interaction.” Dr. Sunderland believe experiences enhance several functions, such as stress regulation.  

There are several benefits to taking young children abroad. Taking infants and toddlers on vacations reflects a significant amount of development they can gain from these new experiences.



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