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Toddler Tantrums

by | Dec 15, 2018 | Children, Education, Infants, Parents, Preschoolers, Toddlers

Toddler Tantrums

How to control each type of tantrum

Frustration vs. Manipulative

Toddler behavior can be difficult to deal with. How do we know exactly what we should be doing when toddler tantrums happen? For starters, the triggers must be defined. There are two outlined tantrums and it is very important to tell the difference between each one. First, there are “frustration tantrums,” which are tantrums that happen over an overwhelming frustration. The second is “manipulative tantrums,” which occur when a child is thinking “it’s my way or the highway!” as we might be guilty of acting sometimes.

Show empathy!

When it comes to frustration tantrums, parents should offer support and empathy. The toddler is most likely trying to achieve something new, they might need a little boost of help or some confidence in order to get through this tantrum. Try to support the child on what they are trying to achieve, for example if they want to get dressed.

Be aware of your behavior

Manipulative tantrums should be dealt with another way. There are suggestions to stay a few feet away and to not divulge into it, the toddler must see it will not get them anywhere. Although toddlers are still young and learning, teaching them how to act appropriately is important. Since the manipulative tantrums are not encouraged, it is important to not feed into them too much. Get the sign across that their behavior is not appropriate.

Tantrums are OK

Overall, these tantrums usually happen due to the toddler not having enough language to discuss how they are feeling. It is ok for a child to still be learning the right words, continuing to help them in an appropriate way and letting them see what they are doing is not encouraged, the toddler will notice eventually and take in these skills in the future.


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