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Daycare Near Me Lexington MA

Daycare Near Me Lexington MA

If you search for Daycare Near Me Lexington MA, you will find Global Children School, a local daycare specializing in multicultural education. At Global Children School, we have developed a framework for world citizenship where your child will learn to respect others, care for nature and solve problems to the benefit of all.

About a Leading Daycare Near Me in Lexington MA

At Global Children School, we know that choosing a school or childcare center for your children is not easy. We all want the best for our children and we all want the program that is the highest quality in every area.

When your children enter Global Children School, they will leave with a broader foundation of knowledge of world cultures, languages and practices. Our classroom environment is professional, but personal and reflects the global perspective by adding the best of multicultural materials. The beauty and naturalistic plan our classrooms will ensure your children feel safe and welcomed.

We understand that every child is unique and their interests are limitless and that is why our curriculum is designed to open the world to children by introducing them to world cultures, languages and ideas. The Curriculum includes daily readings of award-winning books, vibrant music and movement, rich dramatic play and a classroom environment loaded with the best of toys and materials from around the world. Academic topics will include learning about shapes, colors, letters, numbers in real world situations through play.

Global Children School Schedule and Activities

Snacks and lunch
Children will be given hot, delicious organic foods that are common to each child’s home culture.

Construction play
Learning materials and designs are common across the globe and using these to recreate structures during play.

Dramatic play
Dress up clothes, cooking and eating, utensils, food packages from various cultures are used for pretense play. Play scenarios such as dinner time in China will encourage multicultural exposure.

Music & Movement
Singing, dancing and moving to the world music and games of many cultures.

Multilingual speech development and bi- or multi-literacy tough by native speakers.
Books, stories and fairy tales are a integral part of literacy.

Children create original art using art materials and tools from around the world.

Morning meeting
Kids freely talk with each other and teacher to discover interests for them. Together children organize the project of the day.

Science, technology, engineering, art and math –

Movement (gymnastics)

Parent and Teacher Activity

Parents are a large part of what we do at the Global Children School. Staff and families engage in respectful relationship the to the ability to where is open communication, mutual trust and a shared commitment to what is best for the child. We also offer opportunities for families to experience other places in the world together, including our next experience in Costa Rica. Your children will emerge into nature by observing and partaking in culture community activities.

Our teachers are a group of licensed professionals in early childhood education. Children’s needs will be taken care of by caring, kind and gentle teachers. Our teacher to child ratio exceeds what is recommended by the state of Massachusetts, teacher professional development and supervision is ongoing and targeted to continuous improvement. Teachers will work with your child to ensure that they are getting the best education in Lexington MA.

Contact for Top Daycare Near Me in Lexington MA

If you are interested in learning more about a top daycare near me in Lexington MA, contact Global Children School today. Call us at 888-350-0406 or fill out the contact form on our website for a free tour today.

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Daycare Near Me
Daycare Near Me
Day care Near Me

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