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General Parenting Information

Emergent Literacy

Exploring books

Signing With Babies

  • Signing with Your Baby
    This site offers discussion of how, why, and what to do to get started with baby signing. Also includes photos of common signs.
  • Signing with Babies
    Offers information about the benefits as well as resources and how to get started.
  • ASL for Babies
    Online dictionary with videos of the signs.


Safety And Preventing Injury

Media Reviews For Parents

Apps: Reviews and Discussions

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Autism and Special Needs

We also have resources for parents and kids in the Library that are all requestable through our website or come in and ask us for any thing you might need.

Introduction to Autism


Government and Legal Resources/Health and Human Services



Therapy Centers

Special Needs

Toys for Differently-Abled Children
Cerebral Palsy Guide
 Apps for (Special) Education





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