A Joyful, Child-Centered, Multicultural Education

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Toddler Programs

Toddlers are constantly on the move, because of this we create an action packed day full of fun for our toddlers to build cognitive, emotional, physical, and social skills. We provide specially designed equipment, such as our indoor playground, to introduce climbing, crawling, and hiding to our newest walkers. GCS stretches toddlers talents in order to help gain confidence. A strong foundation is built on STEAM, art, music, and language skills. In addition, we include independent life skills with potty training, hand-washing, and such.

The Practice of Multilingualism

Like infants, toddlers will continue to listen to different ethnic songs and stories as they grow and their language development becomes stronger. We teach our different languages parallel in order to keep each language strong. Toddlers will have practice with English, Spanish, and Russian through interaction with native speaking teachers.

Visit us at
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801

Global Children School

A Multilingual Early Education Center
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801