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Infant Programs

Developing Our Little Ones

A child begins to rapidly develop from the moment they are born. GCS provides a nurturing environment that is designed to foster growth along all areas of development. Main areas include physical development, sensory and motor skills which focus on stimulating experiences in order to help our infants reach their fullest potential. We designed an environment for infants to move and grow. This environment creates sensory skills and exploring for our little crawlers.

Creating Foundation

We give our infants meaningful experiences by ensuring one on one interactions with caregivers are safe, secure, and a loving environment. Teachers will talk and sing during feeding time, diapering, and play time to help create a solid foundation for high development.

The Beginning Stages of Multilingualism

With our music intelligence and integrated movement we help them transition to become multilingual. Music intelligence is provided through listening to a different ethnic songs and stories. Story time includes snuggling up with our infants and reading child cultural and bilingual books.

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4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801

Global Children School

A Multilingual Early Education Center
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801