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Enrichment Programs

All Enrichment Programs are included in tuition. 

Art Program

Daily program

Art education connects students with their own culture as well as with the wider world. They develop an appreciation of and engagement in art, craft and design as critical consumers and
audiences and an understanding of its role in the creative and cultural industries that shape and enrich their lives.

Music Program:

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.

“One’s potential to learn is never greater than at the moment of birth. The early years of life are crucial for establishing a foundation for lifelong music development. A child’s musical
experiences from birth to age five have a particularly profound impact on the extent to which she will be able to understand, appreciate, and achieve in music as an adult.” -Gordon Institute for music learning.

Open a world of different cultures through music and movement! Kids will be exposed to different songs, languages, movements and Traditional games. They will be working all the developmental domains especially motor, language and social areas. World around, Musical games, songs, musical noise instruments, Speech therapy Songs And Speech development, Dancing, Sensory exercises, games with massage balls, clothespins, Art therapy.

Classes focus on:
  • music intelligence, rhythm, expression, creativity,
  • music movements ,
  • large and small motor skills,
  • speech development

Integrated Movement Program:

Monday: Yoga, Wednesday: Zumbinni,  Tuesday and Thursday: Play and Sound, Friday: Exercise and Health

As Vanessa Durand, a pediatrician at St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children in Philadelphia, says, freedom of movement is necessary for children to meet their developmental milestones:
“Children learn by experiencing their world using all of their senses. The restriction of movement, especially at a young age, impedes the experiential learning process.”
This program is designed for each child’s individual development levels. Children will learn through interacting with their environment, they will learn and develop in an integrated fashion.
The teacher (Instructor) will serve as a guide and will fully supervise the children during the program.
Children are learning how to maneuver themselves physically, how to orient themselves in space. Movement allows children to connect concepts to action and learn through trial and error.
Children also will learn about keeping their body healthy. Research has shown time and again that children need opportunities to move in class. Memory and movement are linked, and the
body is a tool of learning, not a roadblock to or a detour away from it.

Mini Makers Program:

Tuesdays and Thursdays
Students use their imagination to explore engineering and robotics concepts while working in teams to design, build, and create! Using age-appropriate materials such as building blocks, pipe
cleaners, LEGOs, and more. Students will learn to create structures, control robots, and transform ideas of their imagination into real world creations!
Class is focusing on:
* Cognitive development
* Problem solving
* Logical thinking
* Concentration of attention
* Eye and hand coordination

Readiness for Kindergarten

Daily Program
Children in the preschool classroom that are getting ready to go to Kindergarten will be in the Readiness program. They will be given material to work with to get ready for school. Such as
Phonics and Math. All this will be down through activities inside the classroom.

Literacy Program:

Build on your child’s cognitive developmental on reading and writing through the literacy program. Through the Curriculum Children will be exposed to multiple literacy activities in all
three languages.

Sign Language

It has been found that teaching baby signs improved cognitive and emotional development. It does not slow down speech, baby sign language increases the rate of verbal development and at
the same time increases the parent/child bond. We not only do sign language with the infants we also do sign language with the Toddlers and the Preschoolers. Sign Language is a great tool to have and it helps them as well developmentally. We start off with the infant classroom doing basic signs and as they go moving from class the level of sign language taught increases as well.

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