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Our Programs

Global Perspective

The program implements a curriculum that provides children with a broad foundation of knowledge of the world cultures, language and practices. The classroom environment reflects the global perspective by adding the best of multicultural materials and The multilingual, diverse stuff provides full immersion in their native language. Children will hear and see various dialects that reflect those heard at home. equipment for children to explore.

Our Curriculum

Children’s interests are limitless and early childhood learning should emerge from those interests. Our curriculum is designed to open the world to children by introducing them to world cultures, languages and ideas. Through the introduction of traditional early childhood themes, such as houses, children will learn about dwellings in China, Russia, India, Italy and compare them to their own home.

The Curriculum includes daily readings of award-winning books, vibrant music and movement, rich dramatic play and a classroom environment loaded with the best of toys and materials from around the world.

Academic topics will include learning about shapes, colors, letters, numbers in real world situations through play.

Children will learn to be world citizens with compassion and empathy for other who can problem solve conflicts harmoniously.

We’ve enriched our curriculum with programs, such as Gymnastics for Everyone, Music Intelligence, STEAM Makers, Sustainable Planet.

Individual Transition Program:

At Global Children School, we recognize the importance of a new beginning for both the child and the family. We understand that it’s a very nervous time for both you and your child. We want to make sure it goes as smooth as possible.

We realize that the transition from home to the center can be a challenging period for families. To make this transition as smooth as can be, you will be receiving general information on the program, meet with the Director and your child(ren) will meet their teachers as well as visit the classroom. You are encouraged to talk to your child’s teachers about the communication methods that work best for you. Please mention any adjustment problems you anticipate; they can help you come up with a great morning routine during off that can help your child. Below you will find some drop off tip as well. Together we will work to foster the best possible transition. 

Transition visits: 

We will schedule a minimum of 3 visits prior to your 1st day. These visits will be with the parent present. We will gradually increase the length of time each day by half an hour. After a teacher evaluation we will talk all together to determine if transition will need to be prolonged.

All these steps will allow for a smooth transition for you and your child. We want to make sure parents know that although we make all these steps to make a smooth transition some children will cry the first few days and we want to ensure parents that this is totally normal. They are just simply still adjusting. We encourage parents that the morning drop off be short and sweet so the child can transition faster. The longer the parent stays the child will get the idea that you are going to stay there and the transition may take longer. Parents are more then welcome to call and check up on you child(ren) to see if they were able to calm down. GCS as a team will also call you if we see that the child has not been able to adjust and is crying for more than a certain period of time. 

GCS is here to help in any way we can to make this transition smoothly for both the child and the parents. 


Transitioning to a new classroom

There is no set formula for classroom transitions. Children transition to the next age group based on chronological age, developmental readiness, state licensing requirements, and space availability. Each classroom change to fit the developmental characteristics of the children enrolled. Current and future teachers will meet with you during the transition. We will provide a written notice to you about this transition happening before starting any transition. 

We will also provide you a mini transition book which you will take home and look at with your child. This transition book will have pictures of your child’s new teachers, the classroom, and more. This way you can talk about it at home and the child can go familiarizing the new classroom and teachers before starting transition visits. After having the mini book for a week your child will be gently integrated into the new environment through a series of visits to the new classroom. At this time, we encourage you to visit the new classroom often so you, too, can become accustomed to the environment, and so you can bond with your child’s primary caregiver. In order to maintain ongoing dialogue throughout your child’s transition, you are also encouraged to discuss communication methods that work best for you.

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