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Outdoor Classroom

Learning, Physical development and Health and Joy

Outdoor classroom is designed as nature-rich space where children improve math and science learning, cultivate art and music interests, and foster initiative, cooperation, and creativity. Outdoor classroom is the broad range of children’s growth development activities designed to meet children’s individual learning styles, interests, and strengths.

Our Outdoor Classroom is a daily 2pm to 5pm program welcomes mixed ages from 3 years old through 9 years old. 


Music and Movement Area

Music and Movement Area provides children with a chance to create their own music and enjoy expressive movement.


A Gathering Area

A Gathering Area serves as a space to meet with a group of children for more structured programming, or as they enter and exit the outdoor space.


A Garden & Plantings Area

A Garden & Plantings Area lets children experience planting and harvesting, and the wonders of nature through the seasons. We use herbs daily in kids’ meals prepping.


A Nature Art Area

A Nature Art Area supports children’s creativity as they sketch and build 3-dimensional works of art made of pine cones, acorns, sea shells, and other natural materials.


A Climbing and Crawling Area

A Climbing and Crawling Area gives growing children the chance to safely master physical challenges.


A Messy Materials Area

A Messy Materials Area supports cooperative problem-solving and personal mastery as children build with nature’s loose parts such as stumps, gourds, and tree slices.


Storage in Each Area

Storage in Each Area allows children ready access to outdoor classroom components and tools.

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A Building Area

A Building Area complete with organic and geometric building blocks providing space for individual creativity while children strengthen mathematical and visual-spatial thinking.

Research shows that our nature-based educational space as an integral, joyful part of children’s daily learning provides the following benefits:

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