A Joyful, Child-Centered, Multicultural Education

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Our Approach

Culture of Kindness

The Global Children School has been developed a framework for world citizenship. Children will learn to respect the needs to others, care for nature and solve problems to the benefit of all. Building compassion in children leads to passionate, engaged adults. Each child will always be respected which will in turn teach respectful behavior to others.

GCS Philosophy

Intentional Play is the most natural and effective way a child learns. The Global Children School uses an intentional play-based, whole child philosophy. Each child’s development, Social, Emotional, Physical and Cognitive is nurtured and developed as essential to growth.

Through play experiences, children practice important social skills, negotiate and solve problems, develop their imagination, and become critical thinkers. Teachers play an important role by enriching children’s play by asking open-ended questions, adding props to play and by supporting exploration.

Curriculum themes are interwoven throughout the children’s play experiences allowing for individual growth and development, with an emphasis on building self-confidence and love of learning. Thoughtful preparation of materials and intentional technology by our professional stuff enhance these learning opportunities in area of Creative Art, Music and instruments, Reading and Writing, Movement and Expression, and Nature and Scientific Discovery.

Family Support and Engagement

Parents are seen partner at the GCS. Staff and families engage in respectful relationship the to the ability to where is open communication, mutual trust and a shared commitment to what is best for the child.

Communication App For Parents

Real Time. Peace of Mind.™

KidReports gives parents options! Select your communication style from emails, texts or apps! Get pictures and videos of your child’s day! Staying connected to your child and their school has never been easier. Getting started is easy & fun!


Secure Parent Check-in – Procare Touch

Procare Software’s Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad Check In system is to
insure that codes are only used by the person that they are allocated to,
insuring an accurate record of those picking up/dropping off your
Each person authorized to pick up children will need to register so that
they too will be recorded. The Biometric Fingerprint ID Pad is for
parents, authorized pickup people and employees only.

What makes Global Children School different?
Our staff is dedicated to providing a rich, multicultural experience, preparing children to be world citizens with the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century. We believe all children are unique & intrinsically motivated to explore & discover in a safe, secure, nurturing environment.
Teachers provide the love and attention that allows each child to thrive. Our child to teacher ratio enables the individual nurturance of young children.  We know that children learn best when actively involved and the classrooms provide the space and materials to learn.
Teachers present emergent, anti-biased curriculum drawn from children’s individual interests, project-based learning and opportunities to explore and create with hands-on experience. We know that children learn best when actively involved and the classrooms provide the space and materials to learn from play.
Global Children’s Center teachers are required to be well educated in early childhood education and to be licensed as Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care. Ongoing professional development and mentoring is a priority as all teachers are expected to grow.
GCS provides organic food and hot lunches daily as well as delicious snacks and spring water that promotes healthy eating habits. All meals are created by a registered dietitian to insure the food served is nutritious, wholesome and age appropriate.

Visit us at
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801

Global Children School

A Multilingual Early Education Center
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801