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Music Intelligence

by | Feb 8, 2019 | Education

Music Intelligence

The importance of integrating music

Music Intelligence is important for childhood development. At Global Children School, children explore musical instruments, world music melodies and songs, rhythm, movements, and dancing. Our teachers create fun, educational ways to explore the world of music. By integrating world music, it gives children a chance to understand different cultural music.

Music Intelligence gives children strengths of great listening skills, an attracted interest in sounds and music, ability to identify rhythms and patterns as well as absorb information in patterns. Not only does this help a child’s musical ears, but it also improves language and grammar from reading notes and songs. It enhances the process to learn words and different tones in their voices.

Studies have shown that dancing and moving to music has helped children develop better motor skills. It is a great opportunity to encourage a child to learn an instrument. Children who learn instruments are more likely to better their problem solving skills and identify patterns. This is why Global Children has brought music into the classroom. It helps children with so many developmental skills.

Young children should take advantage of every opportunity when it comes to music as it enhances a child’s development. A child’s mind can build more creativity and imagination from playing musical instruments, listening to different music, and dancing to the beat of a song.



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