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Letter from the Director

“The childhood changes and so do we.“

Dear Families,

Welcome to our new innovative program for young children!

Choosing a school or childcare center for our children is never an easy task, of course we all want the very best for our children. We hope you will find our program to be of the highest quality in many domains.

The beauty and naturalistic plan our classrooms will ensure your little ones feel safe and welcomed. We strive for professional but home like environment. Our faculty of licensed, degreed teachers are trained in practice of child-centered care and education. Children’s needs will be taken care of by caring, kind and gentle teachers. Our teacher to child ratio exceeds what is recommended by the state of Massachusetts, teacher professional development and supervision is ongoing and targeted to continuous improvement.

  • The curriculum is intentional play-based and reflective of the best practices in Early Childhood Education. A worldwide perception is an objective as well as being multilingual.
  • The children’s physical development, a GCS priority will be fostered by wholesome organic food served in a family setting, invigorating outdoor time in all kinds of weather while dressed appropriately.
  • All children will be treated with respect and a well-informed understanding of child development.
  • All families will be seen as partners in their child’s education and give many opportunities for communication and collaboration.

My directorship of this program comes after years in the early education field. I hold an advanced degree in Early Childhood Education as well as in Psychology. I have years of school administration experience and have taught as an Early Childhood educator. I have experience working in an immersion school and have found that its important for our children to gain a second language while taking advantage of the window of opportunity between birth and adolescents. 


Learning another language opens so much for a child and brings many benefits for them. Studies show that children who learn a second language at a young age it will open many more doors for them. Frank Smith says “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way”. Imagine all that can open up for a child who is trilingual. As Roger Bacon said “Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom”.  

I look forward to seeing and being part of all the Global Children School alumni’s growth and development experience. I am a passionate advocate for young children and I am excited for all that Global Children School offers for young children. 

Many welcome to all the Global Children School Families. 

Visit us at
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801

Global Children School

A Multilingual Early Education Center
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801