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Is Technology a Good Thing for Your Child?

by | Jan 8, 2019 | Education

Is Technology a Good Thing for Your Child?

Using technology as a learning tool

We can’t avoid it

Technology is ongoing and quickly progressing day by day. Everyone has their own opinions on technology and how it affects society. There has been discussion over the recent years about technology affecting children. However, technology is progressing and we cannot avoid it. Instead of worrying about the damaging factors of technology, society should focus on using it as a tool. Interactive games and virtual reality are just the beginning of learning tools.

Integrating technology in the classroom

Technology can be used in creative ways to promote learning. Not every child has the same opportunities to use technology at home. By integrating technology into the classroom, it allows children to learn about technology together rather than on their own time.

For those who allow children to play with technology at home, there are several ways to push their children towards learning experiences. For example, create lists on YouTube of videos to watch rather than letting the child have full access. For those who are nervous about how much time is spent with the screen, security settings can be enabled through the provider of the television to have it turn off at certain points.

Developmental changes

Reading books versus reading online is very different. When reading books, the reader is enticed in the book. Reading a book gives full focus, there are no distractions on jumping around to other books. In a way, these readers put all their “eggs in one basket.” When it comes to reading online, readers are able to jump around from website to website comparing information from several different writers. It is a different learning style than the learning style regular books provide. With that being said, the way children are growing up and learning now differs from past generations. Their brains are being developed differently.

Always keep boundaries!

Many parents worry about their child becoming too reliant on technology, but this is in the parents control. It is important to have boundaries on how much technology to allow your child to use in a day. When it is out of control, that is when the technology begins to bring in negative affects. Keeping parental mode on and watching their growth with technology is important overall to keep development on track.

Interactive applications

There are endless applications for children to use when they have some down time. Here is a list of applications recommended for children to use. Enjoy!



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