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Global Children Marathon

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The Global Children School is excited to announce the Global Children Marathon—a FREE virtual experience for kids of all ages!


Scroll down to learn more about the Global Children Marathon, as well as how your organization can get involved!


June 8-30, 2020

Weekdays at 10:00AM Eastern Time

Kids of all ages around the world are welcome!

Global Children Marathon Signups
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Join our 1-hour virtual learning sessions with teachers, artists, singers, writers, chefs, children organizations and museums from across the globe. 

Your kids will love our Global Children Marathon! We guarantee it.

The Global Children Marathon will help add routine to kids’ lives, give them a sense of belonging, and provide an enjoyable learning environment that they can look forward to!

  • Discover culture and traditions through various activities designed to grab kids’ attention and deliver independent play

  • Create simple hands-on experiments with materials at home that help kids develop important skills for their futures

  • Read stories with authors of children’s books

  • Play traditional games, dance and sing with local music bands and groups

  • Meet new friends! Anyone can participate and sessions are free, only for this exclusive event!


We invite presenters like YOU to enrich the kids’ experience!

Little Miss Ann 


Shelly Admont


Maria Olenina


Raquel Pasian


Sloth Sanctuary 

Rescue Center

Dr. Bismark

Author and Physician

Alex Lelchuk

Clay Artists

Ha Nguyen


Suzi Shelton 

Singer/ Songwriter

Marina Abrams


Robyn Parets

Founder of Pretzel Kids Yoga

Nancy Stewart 


Amigos del Sol

Educational Organization

Darren Thompson

Flute Player

Regine Bellinger

African Dancer 

David Martelli 


Tatyana Basile

Founder and Advocate

Julio Ramirez V.


Maria Davydova

Modern Sword Fighting

Polina Kuleshova

 Nomadic Culture

Virginia Institute of Marine Science

Science Research Center

Nathalia Music


Ola Zakorchemna

Arts & Crafts

Don Nagy

Educator and Writer

South Shore Chinese School

Chinese Education

Helen Li

Global Educator


Russian Painter

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Top 3 Reasons You Should Participate in the Global Children Marathon

1. Promote your culture or organization with kids all around the world!

2. Engage kids of all ages with fun activities and valuable knowledge!

3. Give back to kids, and help support a good cause!

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