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Family Style Food Menu

At Global Children School children get Breakfast, Lunch and 2 Snacks included in Tuition.

GCS is a Peanut free School. We want to make sure the children are happy, safe, and healthy. Some children have very severe allergies, which could pose harm to them when they use their sense of touch and taste to explore their environment. Severe allergies can lead to potentially life-threatening reactions. For this reason, we are all kinds of tree nuts free in the school.
Nutritional Guidelines
At our school we believe that good health in the early years helps to safeguard children’s health and well-being throughout life. We believe it is important that children develop healthy eating habits when they first learn about food and activity.
We Treat mealtimes as an opportunity to promote children’s social development, while enjoying food and highlighting the importance of making healthy choices.
Global Children School provides nutritionally balanced meals and snacks appropriate for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers children. Parents should check with the director for more information on the program. Menu plans meet the guidelines of the U.S.D.A Child and Adult Care Food program and are posted in the school and are available for families. Menus are kept on file for review. There is no charge for the food program.

We use local company’s chefs and nutritionists create largevaried lunch menus filled with tasty hot and cold main dishes, sides, snacks, soups and drinks. The recipes are all 100% nut-free, nutrient-dense, sensible about salt and sugar, and served in portion sizes appropriate for kids of several different age groups.


Visit us at
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801

Global Children School

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4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801