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Cultural Food

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Education

Cultural Food

Introducing Children to Diverse Meals

Global Children School brings cultural cuisines to expand children’s knowledge of culture. There have been studies that show most children share the same preferences as their parents when it comes to food. These food preferences have most likely been served to them since they were born. However, the preferences children have adapted to could have been affected by price of food or the availability of products when parents are food shopping. Some parents have admitted to leaning towards easier options if they had a busy work day or getting fast food a few times a week.

Introducing different meals to children at a young age helps expand their taste buds and curiosity. If the children are taught about different cultural food at a young age, it can lead to being less picky with eating as they develop. Not all children are getting fed proper meals at home. This is why it is important Global Children School has professional chefs cook different cultural cuisines to not only help them eat healthier, but also open them up to the cultural foods of the languages they are learning at school. It gives a deeper insight on how the language and culture works. Children are able to discover the different nutritious eating options that their parents may not have introduced them to. Introducing children to ideas at a young age is the best opportunity because children are still open-minded. They are still open to new ideas and discovery.



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