A Joyful, Child-Centered, Multicultural Education

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Global Perspective

Global PerspectiveIntroducing global perspective to childrenGlobal perspective is something Global Children School takes into its teachings. A definition global perspective is a “comprehensive lens through which you see the world around you. It shapes how you perceive...

Music Intelligence

Music IntelligenceThe importance of integrating musicMusic Intelligence is important for childhood development. At Global Children School, children explore musical instruments, world music melodies and songs, rhythm, movements, and dancing. Our teachers create fun,...

Cultural Food

Cultural Food Introducing Children to Diverse Meals Global Children School brings cultural cuisines to expand children’s knowledge of culture. There have been studies that show most children share the same preferences as their parents when it comes to food. These food...

Visit us at
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801

Global Children School

A Multilingual Early Education Center
4A Gill St Woburn, MA 01801